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Coterie Capital announces realised investment in Huskee following acquisition by BioPak

Sydney, 9th April 2024 - Coterie Capital is pleased to announce the successful realisation of its investment in Huskee, a B Corp sustainable coffee cup company, following its acquisition by BioPak, a company sponsored by Five V Capital.

Coterie Capital invested in Huskee with a vision to support its innovative approach to sustainability and the circular economy in the coffee industry. Huskee's unique coffee cups, made from recycled coffee husk, have gained significant traction among coffee lovers, design connoisseurs and environmentally-conscious consumers worldwide.

"Huskee has transformed from an idea to an established business poised for further growth," said Daniel Pi, Managing Director of Coterie Capital. "Our investment over the last 5 years has proven that companies can deliver economic returns to investors as well as achieve positive social outcomes."

"We are excited to embark on this new chapter with BioPak", said Saxon Wright, CEO and Founder of Huskee. "This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our journey toward a waste-free world. Together with BioPak, we are better positioned to drive innovation and amplify our Reuse and Refill efforts in promoting better environmental outcomes for the food service industry."

As a fellow B Corp, BioPak shares Huskee's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy through product stewardship. With a track record of delivering innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions, BioPak is well-equipped to support Huskee's mission and accelerate new products and expand service offerings.

"We are incredibly proud to welcome Huskee to the BioPak family," said BioPak CEO Gary Smith.

"This partnership opens the door to an array of exciting new circular solutions and reusable products that will be seamlessly integrated into BioPak’s offering, enabling us to better serve our ever-expanding global customer base."

"BioPak’s long-term strategic direction is to drive significant investment into the reusable market, with Huskee’s impressive cup exchange program and end-of-life recycling program being perfectly aligned with our vision towards circularity."


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