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Mantis Funds and Isola Capital partner to launch fund in Australia

Mantis is excited to announce that we have partnered with Isola Capital to bring the Isola Fullerton Global Private Alpha Fund (the “Fund”) to Australian investors. The Fund, which is sub-advised by Fullerton Fund Management, provides a diversified portfolio of leading global private equity, venture capital and private credit strategies. Mantis will work with Isola Capital to build a feeder fund for Australian investors.

“There is strong and growing interest from private clients and their advisors in alternative investments. However, accessing the best private alternative fund managers globally has been challenging. Prohibitive minimum investment sizes, key vintage and strategy scarcity and even administrative challenges around managing multiple capital call processes have meant that all but the largest institutions in Australia are locked out of the space. We are privileged to be working with Isola Capital and Fullerton Fund Management to bring their market leading fund-of-funds capability to our clients. Based in Hong and Singapore respectively, both firms have outstanding track records in the alternative investment space”, said Damien Hatfield, Partner and Head of Distribution at Mantis Funds.

“In collaboration with Isola, Fullerton is pleased to be the sub-advisor to the Fund. As an award-winning, active investment specialist, we have a deep understanding of private assets across market cycles, and considerable expertise in selecting private equity funds. Fullerton has been managing capital for a wide range of investors for two decades, and our seasoned Alternatives team has an average 16 years of industry experience. Our ability to identify deep value opportunities coupled with robust risk management, can help investors unlock value and achieve their long-term return objectives while providing diversification for portfolios”, said Mark Yuen, Chief Business Development Officer at Fullerton Fund Management.

“Against a volatile macroeconomic backdrop, the return premium to patient investors has never been higher. Private markets can balance portfolio volatility while delivering alpha and balancing potential risk in a less correlated way than traditional asset classes. In building private market exposure, we believe it is critical that investors construct a diversified portfolio across strategies and vintages of best-in-class fund managers. Even for large institutions, accessing the top tier of investment managers can be challenging. Both Isola and our sub-advisor Fullerton Fund Management have well-established track records of disciplined institutional fund selection and rigorous due diligence. Through Fullerton’s strong network the Fund is able to access allocations with top decile asset managers across the selected strategies globally. We are delighted to partner with Mantis to bring our capability to the Australian market”, said Anthony Chan, CEO, Isola Capital.


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